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 To see your
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Margarita Herazo

In the moment the doctors were going to the surgery room to take out what was left of my unborn body from my mama´s belly, the electricity came back before the usual time. They decided to take a closer look and saw that I was still alive. That's when for the first time I trusted in life.


I grow up in the early 90´s in a conservative but loving Colombian family.
A family that loves to eat, speak , chill and do things together. When I was doing massages to my parents and grandparents I noticed a feeling of some warm energy running through my hands. That´s when for the first time I believed in healing.


After I left my cosy home I started travelling in Europe, where I had the opportunity to learn more about music, massages, meditation and yoga. All of this I enjoyed even more when shared with people. That´s when I realized I love to help and teach others.


Then, travelling in Mexico I received my first Aura reading by an amazing abuela. That day I was lucky to hear a strong message that I´m still keeping in my soul: ´You are a healer and you need to heal others.´ It took me some time to understand what she really meant until I arrived to Argentina. There I learned Reiki which opened up many doors in my path. Thanks to it I trusted more my Intuition, started Channelling and understood what is my mission: Through bringing light in people´s path, heal and empower to reach their original potential.


Since then the Universe has being guiding me to grow more and more in that mission. I was blessed to have unique experiences such as living without electricity in a community, learning from shamans in the Colombian jungle or getting to know teachers and healing techniques from all over the world.


Now I have a small family with my partner Tino, my 2 years old son Damian and the baby growing in my belly. We live half year in Germany and the other half in Brazil where we just bought a farm land and want to plant our seeds and see our children grow.

Love, Margarita

Aura Reading

Aura Reading

What you can receive in an aura reading

Orangefarbene Blumen



Aura Reading Session


Aura reading is the technique that I feel the most connected with. It is a channelling tool in which we connect with our intuition, 3rd eye, subtler essence and the Divine. The reading brings information about the dynamics that are acting in our lives at the present moment. Through seeing the colours and shapes of the aura and chakras the person receives messages regarding potentials, advices, warnings and their own way to heal themselves.



"An Aura Reading is designed to empower yourself, understand who you are, recognize your blockages, heal, balance and find the answers you´re seeking."




What  to expect​

An Aura reading session takes around 1-2 hours through video call in WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype or in person whenever it is possible. You need to be in a quiet space without any distraction or hassle. We introduce ourselves for a few minutes, I prepare the space to start and then you just need to be open to hear all the messages from the universe and the light beings. After that I will channel answers that you may address to the Universe or specifically about your Aura reading.



Short with money? We will find a way :)  

Want to learn more about yourself?

Want to learn more about yourself?

Orangefarbene Blumen
Empower yourself

Recognise your light and all the talents and gifts you have in this life

Know who you are

Understand your essence and your missions​

Recognize blockages

Find out about which chakra holds blockages and how you can let

go of it

Heal and balance

Cleanse and charge your whole energetic, mental and emotional body

Take action

Receive all kinds of advises and warnings to change and feel better

Feel the light

Get to know your light beings, your guides and all the blessings
you have

Aura Reading Testimonials

The aura reading with Margarita literally blew my mind. She gave me answers to questions that had burned on my soul for years
(without, however, that I had asked her the questions)

What is my current mission on earth?

What does my irregular sciatic pain want to tell me?

The visualization of my aura, all chakras and my spiritual companions helped me to understand myself one layer deeper and left the desire to be able to read my own aura.


Manuk - Alternative practitioner, Breath Ritual

Learn from me

Learn about your potential & mission in this life

Image by Cody  Chan

Activate your true potential

Everybody has the potential to connect with their intuition, 3rd eye,

subtler essence and the divine and therefore can channel and read the aura.

Do you have the call to?











Check out my workshops & mentorship

Open the 3rd eye

Work with energy

Heal others

Connect with your guides

Dive into the sublte world

Still want more?

OK :-D , here are some more of the benefits you will gain

Workshops & Mentorship

The benefits of working with the subtle energies

Image by Cody  Chan
Trust your intuition

Get to know how your intuition works and the feeling of it

Open the channel

Connect with your higher self, your guides and the light

Explore the energetic world

Learn theory and practice of this subtler essence​

Improve your potential

Discover the skills of your 3rd eye​

Find answers

Find answers to you most important questions

Enjoy the connection

Feel blessed, excited, inspired and loved

Short Workshops

Single or group dynamics where we explore theory and practice about topics such as:

Image by Cody  Chan

Introduction to the Energetic World

Ich bin ein Textabschnitt. Klicke hier, um deinen eigenen Text hinzuzufügen und mich zu bearbeiten.

Reiki Initiation

Level 1 & 2​

Trust and Channelling

Colors and Chakras

How to Clean a Space and Body

How to Create a Sacred Space

How to Manage My Energy Field

How to Connect With My Guides


Depending on the specific workshop we will develop a dialogue to deepen our understanding, open space for questions, channelling and more...

Short Workshop Testimonials

After I attended the aura reading workshop and received several aura readings from Margarita, it was clear to me that I wanted to delve deeper into this kind of spiritual work.
I decided to do a 1 to 1 coaching to deepen the knowledge from the 10 day aura reading course. After every reading I did for training purposes, I discussed the pictures I saw with Margarita. In this way I was able to expand my skills enormously within only two months and now feel self-confident about my clairvoyant abilities. Margarita is a positive and empowering teacher with enormous knowledge. I recommend her wholeheartedly to all who want to deepen their spiritual path.


Anna - Online Marketing Manager

Want to learn more about yourself?



Let´s go on a journey of exploring and healing

tropische Blätter

You already know my work and want to deepen your healing and learning process?

Let´s dive in an intensive program where we go through a profund healing of your past and present being.

The program consists of:​

  • various therapies

  • personal teaching

  • specific lessons for you

  • channellings concerning your journey

10 Days Aura reading workshop

Dive into your intuition and let the light guide you

Image by Cody  Chan

What  to expect​

This is a very complete course where we are together 10 days in a group of 6 to 12 people. We will be eating light food, being in nature, having theory lessons, a lot of telepathy and 3rd eye opening games, a lot of fun and laughing, deep healing, releasing, cleaning and more. You will learn how to clean and heal through channelling and how to read the Aura on your own way.


Price depending on the place and the amount of people

Want to laugh, learn and heal with us?

Workshop Testimonials

Margaritas workshop I felt connection to God, Spirits, the not tangible, clarity and I felt really connected to myself. Very centered and energized through the experience. Trusting more in myself, my intuition. Joyful that I could take so much with me. So many lessons and good connection/conversations. I had a lot of fun, I liked the lightness that was present in the workshop. I loved the connection we had in the group and the together time. The community feeling and the beautiful location in nature


Laura - Yoga Teacher

Image by Cody  Chan

Want to know more about the next Aura Reading Workshop?

Energy Work

Energy Work

Meditations, Reiki, Energetic Cleaning, Regression & Tarot

Image by Jeremy Allouche




Live and Recorded

a special offering for you to:

clean, heal & learn more about the energetic world



Rose Meditation

What  to expect​

a powerful guided meditation where you will:

  • connect with the light and the earth

  • feel, clean and protect our Aura

(energetic-mental-emotional body)

  • separate our energy from others

  • open to receive the energy of the cosmos

  • elevate our vibration

  • collect our disperse energy


learn how to create a sacred space before




coming soon

Do you want to be part of it?


Eye of Light Meditation

What  to expect​

meditation through visualisations where we will:

  • elevate our consciousness

  • connect with the eye of light

  • connect with the source

  • enter a space where your guides & the light can contact you


do the rose meditation before at least once




coming soon

Do you want to be part of it?

Image by Gabo Romay
More Gems

Special gems for you

Image by anshul chauhan


reading the tarot cards through my guides


a session where I´m sending you the pure universal light and healing energy

Energetic Cleaning

a mix of techniques to clean space and body


through meditation we go to the space where we can heal the past in this and other lives

Are you interested in booking a special gem?


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Telefone Germany

+49 (0) 177 6403557

Address Germany

Margarita Herazo
Wonnitzer Str .21

07774 Dornburg-Camburg

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